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To live a happy life is not a simple thing, but there are simple things that you can to do be happier.

There is a wealth of research and there are lots of time tested ideas about happiness, life satisfaction, and living a good life. There is always more to learn, more that you can do to become more effective, successful, and satisfied in your life; more that you can do to be a better friend, mate, parent, and person. You could spend a lifetime studying and exploring all there is to know and still have more to learn!

But you don’t always have the time to study and explore all the fine points. Sometimes it can be nice to have a few things that you can do right now that could improve your situation.

That’s what these cards are for. Each card has a specific task that you can do right now that will likely improve your life. I have chosen each one of these ideas and distilled them down to their essential action, so that each task you get is concentrated, concise, and powerful.

52 cards – one for each week of the year. 52 weeks of Mastering Happiness .

Each with a practical, useful skill for living well, in a size that you can easily carry with you.

We’re all different, what makes a big impact for one person may do nothing at all for another. So try each skill over time, and see what works for you. It’s best to try several rather than focus on just one; and it’s best to have a regular practice of using what you try over time, so that what you practice becomes a habit.

Read them, try them, carry around the ones you’re practicing for a reminder, give a set to a friend. But most importantly, use them .

52 Weeks of Mastering Happiness cards $14.97

A Pocket Guide to Mastering Happiness + 52 Cards

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