My Philosophy

Your business is your creation. You may have come to it or created it because of your own personal interests and skills, but regardless of the form that it takes, the fundamental purpose of any business is to create and produce value; and enough of that value that people will pay for it, so that you can make a profit.

This is often taken for granted, but creating value and offering it to others in exchange for what they have to offer is a supremely human and exceptionally benevolent act. In a fundamental sense, free exchange is the activity that makes us human. It motivates us to think of and provide what other people want and need, it stimulates curiosity and creativity, and it allows us to spend a tremendous amount of time and energy gaining knowledge and honing and mastering skills, because we know that we can make a living applying those skills.

I think that it’s important to know that when you hire me to work with your business, that I honor and support your business, that I understand the dedication and devotion that you put into making your business work; and that I am first and foremost your ally.

Creating value begins with an idea; but bringing that idea into concrete form requires competence and efficiency on the part of you, your partners, and your employees. There are things you can do to raise the level of competence and efficiency within your business, including improving the positive spirit, enjoyment, and trust that a great team needs to excel.

What I offer

My role in working with you, your business team, or with select individuals in your organization, is to champion each person’s potential for excellence and well-being. This is intrinsically valuable for the people involved, but it also has the effect of making your business more successful as well.

Leadership creates a culture that permeates every level of a business. During tough times, people are looking to you to help them keep their spirits up; during good times, people want to feel valued and to have the resources they need to do their work well. Creating a culture of optimism, resourcefulness, curiosity, and trust can be hard work, demanding self-reflection and conscientiousness, but the results are well worth it.

  • There are ways of strengthening these qualities within yourself, and of bringing out the strength and resilience of the people on whom you depend. I can work with you, your top management, or any team whose improvement would make a real difference for your company; to find your strengths and help you to bring out the best of your abilities, as well as the joy and well being that may be missing for you.
  • My presentations bring practical, tested tools that everyone in your company can begin using right now to make for themselves a happier, more effective life. When you have people focusing on bringing out the best within themselves in their own interest, it can have a huge effect on the spirit and productivity of your business.
  • Often a business will have a mission or vision statement, or a statement of principles, but too often these end up being abstract slogans without real world application. They may be there on the wall, but nobody really connects with them. Establishing principles that mean something in the day to day decision making and actions of all of your people can help to prevent problems before they happen; or solve them more effectively when they arise.
  • Through individual coaching I can work with anyone in your company who you feel could benefit personally, and benefit your business in the process. Coaching can be done largely by phone or Skype for the greatest flexibility and convenience.
  • Relationships in business are like other relationships; with the same kinds of conflicts, differences in temperament and personality, and troublesome habits that can be painful and annoying. These can get in the way of doing good work. A positive atmosphere at work is not about pretending that everything is fine when it’s not, and it’s not about eliminating conflict, either; but there are ways of dealing with the conflicts that arise that can really make a difference for the success of your business.
  • I can also create podcasts that are custom designed for you business, supporting your principles, and teaching the skills of happiness and success.

What I offer is not some idealistic system for creating a perfect business culture. This is practical, real life coaching, teaching, and problem solving for bringing out the best that you and your people have to offer your hard earned creation: your business.

Modern business leaders place a high value on the emotional well-being and adaptability of employees. However, the range of resources available to support these efforts can be challenging to vet and to prioritize. We've been fortunate to know Dr. Joel Wade -- coach, lecturer, and author of books and podcasts on human happiness and fulfillment. He is committed to the human experience of happiness in the abiding sense of that word. He is steeped in the science of what influences the human experience of happiness and deploys that knowledge empathetically and flexibly.

Due to these unique abilities, Dr. Wade has been an incredible asset to our business. Dr. Wade has led highly productive sessions among several leadership groups at Intralox. He is also a prized personal coach for many key employees.

John LandrumVice President for Innovation, Marketing and Organizational Culture at Intralox, LLC

Your process has given us the information we need to continue building a culture that works for our company; one with a high level of trust, employee longevity, and dedication toward ComUnity from our customers and a high level of integrity with our core values.... I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend your services to any organization wanting to build a culture of high integrity and high trust.

W. Darryl FryPresident, ComUnity Lending