What if you had an owner’s manual for your mind?

What if you could learn and master the fundamentals of psychological and
emotional well being for a happy and successful life?

Welcome to your owner’s manual…

A Master’s Course in

Some people think that happiness is frivolous. It’s not.

Some see happiness as a matter of luck or circumstances. It isn’t.

To live a truly happy life, whatever our challenges and blessings may
be, requires consciousness, determination, empathy… and often courage.

You will live a happier life – Guaranteed!
Make Real Progress You’ll Notice
in the very first month

A Master’s Course in Happiness, complete 12 month course, just $195 for the entire course.

Order now, and begin learning the skills of a happy, effective life today.

“Look for the best in people and you’ll find it; look for the best in yourself and you’ll grow it.”

This powerful course will lead you step by step through twelve central areas of personal mastery:

  1. Self Acceptance: Orienting to Reality
  2. How to change on Purpose
  3. Finding your strengths and blessings
  4. Character, courage, and grit: the strength you build
  5. Mastering Emotions
  6. Personal history, circumstances, and the stories we tell ourselves
  7. Effective thinking
  8. The power of positive emotions
  9. Making the most of your relationships
  10. Engaging your best at work
  11. Physical health and well being
  12. Reaching your goals for real

Epilogue: Tying it all together: a master plan for implementing these skills

There are skills for living well that we aren’t taught in school. If you search for them, you may find muddled or contradictory messages, if you find them at all. Skills for dealing with your emotions, skills for successful relationships, skills for using your mind to make your habits work for you, so you don’t have to work against your habits…

These principles and practices are what I commonly teach my coaching clients as a central part of our work together toward reaching their goals.

A Master’s Course in Happiness is a monthly, in depth program to help you actively, purposefully, and effectively live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Now you can learn and practice these skills at home. These skills and ideas are what you will learn in A Master’s Course in Happiness.

Each month will include:

  • An audio program teaching a specific facet of self-mastery.
  • Essential action items geared to help you to practice and master that month’s skills.
  • Written material to add depth to your understanding and mastery.
  • A monthly video to supplement the month’s material.
  • And every month will include a psychological “Tool Box,” that will teach you skills and interventions that can help you to deal more effectively with specific psychological or emotional challenges, from depression, to anxiety, to obsessions and compulsions and sleep troubles. *These skills do not replace psychotherapy, and are not intended as psychotherapy, but they will give you self-help tools and ideas that help you to more actively cope with these issues.

A Master’s Course in Happiness, complete 12 month course, a single payment of $195.

Order now, and you can download the first month’s course immediately… begin learning the skills of a happy, effective life today

And you’re protected by Dr. Joel Wade’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you work through this course, and practice all of the exercises regularly, you will make real progress that you’ll notice within the first month.

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with your Mastering Happiness experience, just contact Dr. Wade atjwade@drjoelwade.com to get a prompt and courteous refund.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. And a happier and more fulfilling life to gain, starting today!

So get your Master’s Course in Happiness now… for a single payment of $195 for the twelve month course.

Dr. Joel Wade first started working with clients in 1980. He’s a Marriage and Family Therapist, and his work today as a Life Coach enables his clients to reach for their goals, and create a truly wonderful life, given the realities of their life as it is.

Joel Wade’s practical, no-nonsense, easy-to-understand (yet profound) concepts, delivered in his trademark clear and compassionate style, combined with highly effective exercises you can implement on-the-spot, lead to an in-depth understanding of the fundamental skills required to master your emotions, your psychology, your character and produce IMMEDIATE positive results in your life.

– Jon Butcher
Chairman, Precious Moments Family of Companies and Founder of Lifebook

“I’ve learned so much from Dr. Joel Wade. And with his new Master’s Course, you too can learn the skills to feel like you are truly flourishing. Highly recommended.”

– Alexander Green, bestselling Author of “Beyond Wealth,” and
“An Embarrassment of Riches”

“A highly skilled clinician, trained in a variety of psychological disciplines, Joel Wade is a man of immense sensitivity and compassion who has a wide repertoire of problem-solving strategies to bring to the practice of Coaching.”

– Nathaniel Branden, PhD., author of “The Art of Living Consciously.”

“Joel Wade is a leading thinker and practical coach in happiness. I know him very well and consider him a huge talent. Anyone who takes his class will be very fortunate indeed. I recommend him most highly.”

– Lynn Johnson, Ph.D., Author of 7 books, including “Enjoy Life: Healing with Happiness”

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