• Do you get stuck in emotions from the past?
    • Do anxiety or fear make life difficult for you?
    • Do you over-react with anger or rage?
    • Do you get thrown off by rising and falling moods?
    • Do you sometimes feel shame about how you react?
    • …and are you dissatisfied with the usual answers and strategies for dealing with these things?
Then please read on, because there’s a better way of understanding and mastering our emotions, moods and reactions.
The models we use to understand ourselves can be abstract and confusing. As though we’re more like machines or computers than living, breathing human beings. This makes it much harder to truly understand and master our emotions, moods and reactions.

In this course, we come at this from a completely different perspective.

Mastering our emotions, moods and reactions begins with understanding our fundamental nature as living, growing organisms. Our biological processes are full of rhythms, pulsations, flowing liquid and moving breath.

Nature’s forces are powerful and enduring. If we try to fight against a powerful wind, we can be quickly overcome by it. But if we can accept, study, and harness those same forces, we can power a sailboat or a windmill.

By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture of our own internal nature, we can more easily understand our own patterns and rhythms; and if we begin by accepting these as they are, we can use their power and direct them in ways that work better for us, rather than fighting against ourselves; against our own nature.

Mastering Emotions Moods and Reactions complete 8 lesson course, just $195 for the entire course

We begin our exploration with orienting to our biological nature. From this perspective we can begin to make sense of our flowing emotions, our changing moods, and our sudden and intense reactions.

And we’ll learn to distinguish these three different qualities from one another, and how we can approach each one with more clarity and effectiveness than when they’re all thrown together as one experience.

We’ll explore how to use our emotions in ways that allow us to learn from experiences that anger, hurt, frighten, or delight us so that we can function better in the future.

We’ll learn to pay attention to the things that raise and lower our moods, and how to manage our natural ebbs and flows so we can stay connected and engaged through life’s ups and downs.

The natural world is beautiful, but also dangerous. Our more primitive systems are designed for a world where attack by predators is common, and surviving such attacks is necessary to live and reproduce.

We’ll learn ways of calming and managing anxiety from our flight reaction, and finding the actions we can take to strengthen and empower ourselves.

Aristotle said, “Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way – this is not easy.”

This is a description of anger as an emotion, not a reaction. We’ll look at how to manage the often destructive reaction of rage from our fight system, and how to distinguish it from the more useful emotion of anger.

As with the reactions of fight or flight from our sympathetic nervous system, the reaction of freezing is designed to save our lives when we’re unable to escape or fight. We’ll learn ways to come back into our body, and expand our sense of safety and well being.

We’ll find ways of more consciously evaluating our beliefs, understanding our memories, and bringing our beliefs and stories more in line with our deepest values.

…and we’ll see how expanding our sense of curiosity can help us to spend more time in the healthier part of our nervous system, gaining a deeper sense of well-being within ourselves, and more warmth and joy together with others.

Each lesson includes:

  • An in depth audio program, which is the heart of the course, and is designed to guide you to a deeper and more useful understanding of your emotions, moods and reactions
  • Written material includes much of the information from the audios, including descriptions of the exercises so you can easily refer to them
  • Videos to demonstrate some of the exercises where a visual example would be helpful.

We’ll come to understand ourselves as living biological organisms, to use that understanding to gain some mastery of our own emotions, moods and reactions, and to find a deeper sense of comfort and safety within ourselves, a stronger sense of joy and satisfaction with others, and a greater sense of curiosity and expansiveness in your lives.

And you’re protected by Dr. Joel Wade’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you work through this course, and practice all of the exercises regularly, you will make real progress in mastering your emotions, moods and reactions.

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with your Mastering Emotions, Moods and Reactions experience, just contact Dr. Wade at jwade@drjoelwade.com to get a prompt and courteous refund.

So get your Mastering Emotions Moods and Reactions course today. Just $195 for the entire course.

Dr. Joel Wade is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Life Coach. His background in somatic psychotherapy gives him a unique perspective on the organic nature of our psychological and emotional challenges, and a wealth of strategies for strengthening and mastering our lives that are rooted in our psychological, emotional, and biological resources.

I’ve worked with Dr. Wade for more than 25 years and during that time, I’ve gained a much better understanding of how my biological nature affects my personal nature. Joel’s work has been invaluable in helping me deal with personal challenges, as well as helping me maximize my overall potential and experience as a human being. In his new course, Mastering Emotions, Moods and Reactions, Joel eloquently conveys the unique value of understanding ourselves as living organisms, connecting with the rhythms and reality of our biological nature – and how this can allow us to master our own personal nature. Highly recommended!

– Jon Butcher – founder of Lifebook, Chairman of the Precious Moments Family of Companies, and co-founder of Purity Coffee

Joel Wade may be the single best professional alive at helping others discover, cultivate and become their best potential selves,
in their ability to contribute to the world and find satisfaction from life.

– John Landrum, Vice President for Innovation, Marketing and Organizational Structure at Intralox, LLC

“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.” —Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Dr. Joel Wade is a wise man. In this course he distills his wisdom into practical guidance that helps us know our common human nature and understand our unique individual nature. As a result, we gain the necessary wisdom and self-knowledge to live a mentally and emotionally healthy happy life.

– Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Philosopher.

Please do yourself and the world a favor by getting Joel Wade’s Course on Mastering Emotions, Moods and Reactions. More than that, go through it, not just once, but annually. You’ll get something new out of it each time.

What’s required for clear thinking is emotional strength far more than intellectual strength. And in this course, Joel takes you through the facts about emotions, moods, and reactions, teaching you how to appreciate them and guide them… and he does it very precisely.

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how to deal with your emotions (and who among us hasn’t?) this is your opportunity. Please don’t let it pass you by.

– Paul Rosenberg, Author of The Breaking Dawn and The Free Man’s Perspective newsletter

We’ve known and admired Joel Wade for many years. His mastery in helping people through difficult times and also helping people enhance their lives in the absence of urgent challenges is remarkable. We are really excited about and highly recommend his new course (insert title of course here). It really couldn’t be coming at a better time given the challenges we all face in today’s world.

– Dr. Patrick and Laurie Gentempo

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