Happiness Is Not Something You Have…
It Is Something You Do.

And When You Use “The 10 Principles To Living a Happier Life”

Which You’ll Learn Through Dr. Joel Wade’s Uplifting Audio


“Mastering Happiness”

You will  live a happier life – Guaranteed!

Make Real Progress You’ll Notice
in as little as 4 weeks…

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Mastering Happiness Book and Audio CD

Get your copy of Dr. Joel Wade’s course “Mastering Happiness” today… and discover what you can do right now to make the most of your life; given whatever your circumstances and opportunities may be.

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Bringing you wisdom drawn from research in the field of Positive Psychology and relationship counseling, and his more than three decades of dedicated work with clients and students as a therapist, teacher, and life coach, Dr Wade’s course brings you powerful guidance on how to create a happier, more successful and more satisfying life.

What will Mastering Happiness do for you?

  • Learn how to use gratitude as an antidote to being stuck in a negative mindset
  • Rescue yourself from wallowing in past painful memories
  • Practice real life relationship skills that can transform the atmosphere of your marriage, family connections, and friendships
  • Generate more positive emotional experiences in your life as part of a larger, deeper happiness
  • Build a more optimistic stance toward the challenges you face – a solid, earned optimism that strengthens you from deep within, and can significantly affect your success and health
  • Allow yourself the profound joy of total absorption in your work, play, and relationships
  • Take charge of your own thoughts and actions – you have more to say about these than you think
  • Strengthen your capacity to direct your own attention and steer yourself more effectively toward your goals
  • Discover the power of kindness – toward yourself and toward others
  • Understand the vital importance of living with integrity
  • Create a direction for yourself that is more deeply meaningful

These are real world, real life, real effective ideas and tools that you can use right now to make for yourself a better life.

The truth is, sometimes life hurts. Sometimes we are faced with struggles, within our own minds and from outside, that can be daunting.

A happy life is not a perfect life. A happy life is a joyful life, a resilient life, a good life you’ve built for yourself; a life you can be proud of.

This program will help you to more deeply own your own life, to create a way of life that is more genuine, more effective, and more connected with those you love.

Order your Mastering Happiness audio course now, cds and manual delivered to you for $129, or downloaded immediately for only $49.

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And you’re protected by Dr. Joel Wade’s 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you listen to this course, and practice all of the exercises in the manual regularly, you will make real progress that you’ll notice, in as little as four weeks.

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with your Mastering Happiness experience, just contact Dr. Wade at jwade@drjoelwade.com to get a prompt and courteous refund.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. And a happier and more fulfilling life to gain, starting today!

So get your Mastering Happiness audio course now… cd’s and a hard copy manual for $129, or downloaded immediately for only $49.

Dr. Joel Wade first started working with clients in 1980. He’s a Marriage and Family Therapist, and his work today as a Life Coach enables his clients to reach for their goals, and create a truly wonderful life, given the realities of their life as it is.

“A course with much practical wisdom concerning the road to happiness. Enthusiastically recommended.”
– Nathaniel Branden, author of “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.”

“This is a course that really, really works. In a world of fluff and false promises, this work is wise and deep. Dr. Joel Wade has accomplished something great, and you will be greater yourself when you listen to and practice his ten principles. I will recommend this to friends, clients, and protegees.”
– Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D., Director, Brief Therapy Center of Utah; author, speaker, and teacher.

“In MASTERING HAPPINESS, Dr. Joel Wade gives you the tools you need, based on solid research, so that you can learn the habits of a happier life.”
– Dr. Jack Wheeler, Professional Adventurer, and President, Freedom Research Institute

“As I was already pretty happy, I was surprised to find that “Mastering Happiness” helped me see how to become even happier, without any change in my income or personal resources but just by looking at certain things in a different way. Highly recommended!”
– Sandy Shaw, scientist and author

“Joel Wade’s course is a practical and useful manual for finding and fixing the software bugs to which the human brain is heir. You may be blissfully unaware of them, but they may be downgrading your potential and interfering with your relationships. They are there to stay unless you chose to identify and correct them”
– Durk Pearson, scientist and author

“Joel Wade will make a profound impact upon your life. His presentations will change how you view life; events impacting you and all those you come in contact with. When you leave a presentation with Joel you become empowered to positively impact life, those around you and the world.”
– Dr. David Janda, Author, “The Awakening of a Surgeon”

“Soothing. Sensible. Concise. Insightful. Uplifting. I always learn something new when I hear Joel Wade speak, and I always feel better afterwards.”
– Jack Kelley, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, National Security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Whether happiness is a goal or a journey, one needs a plan to achieve happiness. MASTERING HAPPINESS provides such a plan in an accessible and thoughtful package. I am pleased to recommend it.”
– Christopher Peterson, Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan

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